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 You are trying to sell websites for free. It is hard to find the outlets, but once you do, you will not have to pay a fee or give any commission of the sale to another source. You will be able to collect the full value of the website. Many people are doing this because it is a great way to sell your website.

Forums are great places to sell websites for free. Since there are no listing fees there are also fewer rules to the website purchase. Make sure you have a strong contract in place for the transaction. You should go into something like this with strong knowledge of what your website is worth and a confidence that you can and deserve to get it. A lot of forums have free website listings however; they do require a membership fee to use. Here are some websites to get you started:

  • Freesiteworth – Mostly cheaper websites for sale, those listed at less than $1,000. Very active forum
  • Warrior forum – Many websites for sale every day, one of the most active internet forums.
  • DN Forum – Mostly the sale of domains, a lot of activity, and many websites sold here. There is a membership fee, but the posting is free.

There are many websites that offer places to sell websites for free. Some of those places are online classifieds or other online publications that will cater to the kind of people you will want to offer your website to. These are people who are into a great investment, and if you can show them how amazing your website is, the price may be right and you could fall into a great sale that does not cost you anything up front.

Another way to have your websites for sale is to advertise to your traffic. If you have a lot of well established traffic, this is a great way to sell your website to someone who may be really interested in taking over. It will not cost you a thing.

Word of mouth is a great way to sell things. It would be a way to sell websites for free. Look into your email list, and advertise that way.. You also do not know where words will spread. Just getting the message out there that you are looking to sell, may bring many potential buyers. You never know who will come out of the woodwork looking for another business or website to buy.

You could offer your website to your competition. They might want to buy it to absorb your traffic into theirs creating one large website. If you give them a good offer, you have a higher chance of selling. It would be a free way to get the word out there. Even if they are not interested, they could pass it along to their traffic for more free advertising. If your website is worth a lot, your competitors will find this a blessing.