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To have websites for sale there are a number of factors that must be considered. First of all, you must decide why you are selling a website. If you are selling a website because you no longer have time to run it, or if you are selling a website because you think you can get a large profit are two very different reasons and will lead you down two different outcomes. If you want to sell websites for profit, you are joining a big group of people who make their livings doing this. It is not a bad thing, but these people typically sell a lot of websites for a lower price. They are more interested in how quickly they can flip the sale. If you have a website that you built, put your heart and soul into, and now you either want to retire, or you are just ready to move on, you will probably spend more time looking for a buyer who fully understands the value of your website, rather than someone who is just looking for a return.

Now that we know why you want to sell websites and domains for free, here are some things to look for that will increase your website value. A website with a high value typically has some sort of income. A smart buyer is looking for a website they can grow a profit on. Websites with profit will be even more valuable if they offer automated systems like email lists and pre-installed programs that will alert the viewers to new and changing information on the website. Automated systems will ease the transition of a new owner, and often these email lists can show and separate the traffic in terms of demographics which is especially great for upcoming sales. The website’s domain name is very important and will add a great deal of value.

Domains names are one of the highest qualities in a website, even when it comes to selling websites. A domain name that is desirable will be short, contain keywords, and be marketable. For many buyers this is the most important part of the website. The domain name attracts viewers and your website’s number of daily viewers is highly important to determine the website’s rank. Whether it is an Alexa rank or page rank, viewers to a website will increase both. And both of these things are evaluated to sell websites.

Now that you have been considering a number of things about your website to get a price, how do you sell your website from there? You have to find a marketplace to list your website sale. Sometimes websites are sold privately, but this often only happens when the buyer approaches you directly. A lot of online marketplaces do not take a commission from the sale, so you do not have to worry about any sort of markup to compensate. Most marketplaces post your listing for a one-time fee that is low, and will help you sell websites for free to thousands of potential buyers.